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Excel Database Connection

Connect Excel to an Authentic Database

dbSheetClient is a tool that can connect or link with a database while using the same Excel which is useful for business. While using Excel on your desk, it is possible to register all important business-related data on a full-scale database.

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Difference between routine Excel operations and data management of dbSheetClient System

For Routine Excel Operations

In a regular Excel, data entered is saved to Excel file.

  1. Open an Excel file, click on the icon.
  2. Enter your data into Excel Worksheets.
  3. Save the data entered.
  4. Then save the Excel Workbook on your computer.
  5. Or save it on the Server.

For dbSheetClient System

In case of dbSheetClient system, data entered is updated in the database.

  1. Click on dbSheetClient icon.
  2. List of Functions will be displayed.
  3. You can display the menu tree and select items to be processed.
  4. In the button area, add Load and Update buttons.
  5. Transfer your same Excel sheet in the Excel area.
  6. Enter your data.
  7. Save the data entered.
  8. All the data is updated into the database.

With this, Excel becomes a full-fledged business system, and data sharing can be done easily. Traditionally, since all important data saved on individual Excel files/workbooks are registered in the database, real-time data analysis becomes possible, greatly improving operational efficiency.

In addition, dbSheetClient can level up to LAN, VPN, as well as systems that can share data via the Internet.

In this way, dbSheetClient is a tool that can easily provide direct linkage between Excel and database essentials for business and can also allow sharing and analysis of real-time data via the Internet.

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