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Company History

03/07/2000  Established NS Technologies, Inc. Established in Yono, Saitama Prefecture

04/2000       Partnering with Alfa-Tech to launch sales agency of Electric CAD's East Japan area

07/2001       Started drawing input service as operational support of Electric CAD

01/2004       Started symbol creation and basic product information creation service as operational support for
                    Electric CAD

05/2004       We transferred the SI Division from JFC Corporation
                    Expanded the business scope from CAD business to SI business
                    Establishment of Osaka sales office
                    As a result, employee size and sales scale tripled

02/2006       Began to consider development of our own products

03/2006       Started research and testing of development tools for Web applications

10/2006       Began commercialization of dbSheetClient Web application development tool

01/2007       Head office relocated to Gibraltar Seimei Urawa Building

04/2007       Changed company name to Newcom Inc.

05/2007       Started selling dbSheetClient v1.1 release pilot user

10/2007       Began full-scale sales of dbSheetClient v2.0 release

05/2008       Exhibited at the 17th Software Development Environment Exhibition

07/2008       dbSheetClient v3.0 Release

10/2008       Started operation of website for electrical control design

08/2009       dbSheetClient v4.0 Release

10/2009       We made CAD data of electric parts manufacturer unified specification
                    Started selling E-parts CAD symbol data

04/2010       Electric CAD manufactured by Alpha Tech
                    Started selling electrical parts master data E-parts contents

05/2010       dbSheetClient v5.0 Release

07/2010       Started selling Adjust Print for Excel while looking at the Excel

07/2011       Launch sales of open source application for P / L forecast management

04/2012       dbSheetClient2013 Release

06/2012       Web Questionnaire QMA Ver.1 Release

06/2013       Opened Tokai Branch Office

03/2014       Opened Nagoya Sales Branch Office
                    Tokai Branch Office is integrated into Nagoya Sales Branch Office

10/2014       Web Questionnaire QMA Ver.2 Release

10/2014       dbSheetClient2015 Release

03/2015       Acquisition of ISMS (Information Security Management System) certification

07/2015       Opened San Francisco branch
                    Began selling dbSheetClient in the US
                    dbSheetClient product site for overseas