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Corporate Identity


Newcom's Core Theme is "Bridge".

Our Core Theme is "Bridge".
Our corporate logo is based on the image of a Bridge.” We hope that through our IT platforms, we can become a bridge to your wonderful future.

First Bridge: New Value Creation

We contribute to our customers’ creation of new value by prioritizing user optimization.

Second Bridge: Global Vision

We contribute to advancing global IT solution technology so that customers can shift to more creative work styles.

Third Bridge: Hopeful Future

We contribute from the IT field to the construction of a continuously developing, peaceful, and happy future.

Issues Shared by Humanity in the 21st Century --- Resources, the Environment, and Food Issues

We would like to help by making our proposals of IT solutions to support people working on these problems.
Taking a worldwide perspective, we are determined to join in creating a hopeful future.

What is the CORE POWER of NEWCOM

  • Application capability to tailor the latest technology to the user.
  • Marketing capability that is fully familiarized with our own products.
  • Customer support capability to give a sense of security to our customers.

Our Vision

We aim to be globally recognized, one-of-a-kind company that can provide high satisfaction to all the stakeholders surrounding NEWCOM.