Advantage 1

Keep the functionality of Excel

Use your Excel sheet page layout

Vertical and horizontal scrolling with frozen panes

Other Excel functions »  ・Autofilter  ・Conditional formatting  ・Excel printing functions,  etc.

Create data entry forms using the copy and paste functions which Excel is well known for


Systemize your existing office know-how

Every Excel book contains accumulated office know-how.

Getting rid of an Excel sheet that contains accumulated office know-how would be a waste. Use your existing Excel file and conveniently systemize it.

Use the same Excel functions and formulas

Use all the macros that have been created

Systematize Excel using dbSheetClient

dbSheetClient can leverage Excel files with accumulated know-how from the field, which had been thrown away in the conventional systematization methods.

Highly concentrated data management

Business data from Excel files will be stored in the server database instead of Excel files. This enables one-step calculation across the books.

Automatic distribution of Excel files

Simply upload Excel files to the server. Users who need a file can automatically download the necessary file when they need it.

Authorization management

Control the buttons, menu, and Excel cells each user has access to through managing authorizations.

Log management

Server Log Viewer Screen

Record various user operations for easy confirmation if a problem occurs.

Advantage 3

Develop both simple and complex systems

A wide variety of task types allows you to easily create without any programming

・Develop even complex processing using the wide selection of task types.
・Keep improving the efficiency of your developers’ work.
・Improve debugging efficiency with various logging functions.

Using task types makes implementation easy.
Examples of using different task types;・Displaying the calendar  ・Sending emails  ・Printing

Displaying the calendar

Sending emails


The 9 Categories of Task types

・Data entry
・dbSheetClient settings

・Processing control
・Excel editing
・Excel control

・Excel objects
・File manipulation
・External operations

PDF versions of “Pursuit 1/2/3” are available

Do you want to use the same Excel functions to create a Web-enabled system?
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Consider systematization of your Excel files

What is dbSheetClient?

dbSheetClient allows you to create a system using the interface and functions you are familiar with from Excel. It has all the functions and standards you need to use in an office system.

Examples of solutions we provide

Screens below show the case examples of “Incremental Budgeting and Forecast Management”, “Production Sales Inventory System” and “Sales Management System” that utilize familiar operability and standard functions from Excel.

* Click the screens below to watch the video of each system.
* Please note that the sound will play.

dbSheetClient makes it possible for clients to utilize existing Excel spreadsheets from the field for systematization.
More case example documents of other users are available for downloading from the image link below.

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We propose systematizing your existing Excel spreadsheets.

Consider systematization of your Excel files