What is Access Version?

dbSheetClient is a tool that makes it easy to transfer Access to a Web-enabled system.
If you are using Access for business systems or considering development of a new system using Access, you can easily build a Web-enabled Line-of-business (LOB) system by using the Access version. Moreover, by utilizing your existing Access assets, you can build your system at lower cost in a shorter time.


* If you are familiar with Access, you can use VBA to make Access program assets cheap, fast, and reliable as a Web-enabled system.

To those who are in trouble with discontinuation of ADP (Access project)

Those who are troubled with discontinuation of ADP (Access project)

Since Microsoft Access 2013 corresponding to ADP (Access project) has been discontinued, you can use dbSheetClient to rebuild the system while effectively using ADP's program assets.
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What can Access Version do?

1. Use Access as a front end to build a Web-enabled system

You can realize a Web-enabled system of a multi-site system such as company-wide deployment by merely adding a little effort to the already developed Access system.

2. Functions of resource management are fully supported by dbSheetClient server

You can fully use the functions of resource management of dbSheetClient Server component. When building a full-scale Web-enabled system, even if you want to add functions such as user authentication, authority management, log management , and intrusion prevention, there is no need to develop a new program.

3. Automate the distribution of developed Access program (ACCDB)

The Server component of dbSheetClient manages the database. The Access file containing the Access program is downloaded and executed on the client computer. Even if you execute in such an operating environment, dbSheetClient can automatically and centrally manage data and programs on the server.
Therefore, unlike sharing Access files, you can maintain Access files at any time.

4. Supports exclusive control for similtaneous access to the server

In the case of a Web-enabled system, a mechanism of exclusive control is essential since multiple users update shared data in the server.
Access version provides an exclusive control function of optimistic / pessimistic locks through API.

What are the Advantages of Access Version?

1. You can easily convert existing Access assets into a Web-enabled system

By using existing Access assets, forms, queries, reports and other existing application sections effectively, you can easily create a Web-enabled system.
The data section can also be diverted by converting the table definitions to the server-side (Function to upsize the Database).
Therefore, it is possible to drastically shorten development man-hour.

2. Access technicians do not need to master new programming languages

Access technicians only need to develop the Access application for the client computer, so there is no need to learn Java, PHP, etc. to build a new server-side program.

3. Through automation of Access program updates, operational costs can be reduced

Because updating Access files is done automatically by only uploading from dbSheetClient Development component, there is no risk associated with distribution of updated work, and maintenance and operational costs can be reduced.

4. It is released from the problem of becoming fragile and heavy in ACCDB (MDB).

Access files are fragile, or the file size can expand rapidly each time a file is overwritten.
In Access version, the latest Access file is always downloaded to the executing computer, so you can avoid such problems.

What is dbSheetClient?

dbSheetClient can realize systemization while leaving the familiar usability and standard functions of Access. Standard essential functions for use as a business system are also provided.

For further information about dbSheetClient, please visit our website.

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Case Studies

Ichimiya Transportation Co., Ltd.
Our International Logistics Division had the necessity to quickly build a system dedicated to international logistics and customs clearance at the request of expanding business. In that case, the International Logistics and the IT Management Divisions work together to enable continuous system development and maintenance in a short period of time.
Details of Ichimiya Transportation Co., Ltd. »
Industrial Electric Apparatus, a Wholesale Distributor
Our Administration Headquarters installed dbSheetClient Access version and built Sales support systems used by sales representatives and assistants. This system can smoothly operate the Microsoft Access application covering every day from the estimate written by the salesperson, the order form to the invoice creation, at 10 domestic bases.
Details of Industrial Electric Apparatus, a Wholesale Distributor »

If you already have an Access file that you are using at the site, it is dbSheetClient that makes it possible to systemize using it.
For other case studies, you can download the materials by clicking the image link below.

We propose systematizing your Access files at hand

Consider systemizing handheld Access